Worst Behavior: Teen Takes Selfie With Dead Body


In-FKN-credible. Yes people the internet is all fun and games. Its awesome to join the Selfie Olympics in your bathrooms, it is NOT cool to take selfies with dead bodies while on a school field trip.

High School Senior is facing suspension and possibly more for taking a selfie with a dead body and posting it on Instagram. This girl attends Clements High School in Alabama where they took a field trip to a morgue inside of the Biology lab at University Of Alabama. Of course all the cadavers were covered unless shown by the instructor, but this girl managed to sneak away and take a selfie for Instagram.

You know she got snitched on ASAP, because no one wants to see a dead person become the bud of a joke or something “cool.” This bitch deserves Donkey Of The Day on the Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 – Charlamagne make that happen!

We think this girl should be expelled and taught a lesson, what do you think? Comment below.

Girl takes selfie with Dead Body

source: WHNT

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