Miley Cyrus Gets Ass Shots to Look Like Blac Chyna


First our girl Miley went topless for GQ and now she’s made an even bigger decision! In a picture that was put out today, Miley looks like she went full Ratchet and got a pair of ass shots.

Now we aren’t against butt implants, fat transfers, etc, but Miley went all Blac Chyna on us. Miley is a small girl and this ass just looks WAYYYY too big for her frame. Let’s hope that the injections or implants are just new and that her ass is still swollen or something.

We FKN support whatever Miley does, so if she wants a gargantuan ass then Miley do your thing Ma.

Hit Next to See Miley’s New Ass


Miley’s Old Ass

Hit Next to See Miley’s New Ass

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